Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I remind perfectly until my 19 y old I have looked older than I was. On 2004, I returned to University for studying Law. I was 33 y old, and on the first days, students believed I was only 25 y old. It was funny.
I couldn't stay at university because unemployement office blocked my file cuz they didn't want to pay my studies, but they had to pay, I deserved it.
Now I don't regret, fate decided to not allow me studying Law, because I wanted to take revenge from past.
But when I went to this university, I felt comfortable. More than the university of my first studies.
Men didn't talk to me, I was only with women, they helped me, giving me books, helping me et cetera.
Bu the first year on 1993 at university was a fucking year, I met there a lot of people.
I met again a friend from college, Elisabeth, I stayed with her, but she sucked, she was jealous of me.
I was popular with men, boys came to me wanted to flirt with me, it was the first time men that men hit on me. I had long hair, I felt slim, I used to work as baby-sitter for paying my studies, but I choosed history, wanting to never success my studies.
I repeated the first year, and Elisabeth successed her first year. I felt angry because I have successed a very important subject. And in this subject I studied Sociology.Elisabeth tried this exam again on her 3rd years of studies, because she chose the bad subject.
It was my favorite subject. I mean it was easy for me to understand, history sucked really.
Sometimes I went to the theatre with newspaper, I opened it watching with provocative eyes my annoying teacher. I liked it.
Other times I talked about movies with a friend of mine.
But I really felt disgusted while my 3rd year, at geography's exam on september, I was just beside student who opened their books copying exactly what they needed. It was about deserts...We had same exam's subject on June, and I don't like desert, I don't like snakes, I have never learnt deserts.
So I left after one hour of exam.
The University teachers were strong, because they didn't want to keep a lot of students.
I didn't like them.
But it was my bad, if I had choice now I would choose Arts.
About my 37 years I don't look like a 37 years woman, that's weird.


Karen ^..^ said...

You look much younger than 37. I would have thought you were in your late twenties.

You are very pretty. You should not let anyone tell you different. Your parents were very damaged people who wanted to hurt others. I beleive the evil in this world is in human beings. No where else but human nature. You survived your parents evil. You are strong. Good for you!

Fran said...

Karen, Are you a Taurus in Astrology ?
I feel that Taurus are the most stronger. And I think we're both stronger, I'm not Taurus but Gemini, except that most of my planets are in Taurus sign !
Yes I really think I'm very strong, I was very strong when I was a kid, because I wanted to survive, resilience helped me but now I don't wanna be seen as a victim anymore.

Take Care

Kebelle said...

A 37-year old woman is not actually seen in your looks.

Tka good care of yourself.

Karen ^..^ said...

Yes, I am a Taurus. Beware Zeeee Bulllll!!! LOL.

Fran said...

I heard from a friend that Taurus are masochist, I have a friend who is Taurus and be sure he's a masochist.
About me sometimes, I feel I'm too ;-)