Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mother's birthday

On mother's birthday, my father asked me to buy the presents for my gonna laugh ; one year, he told me to buy some Roses and I bought a rose bush. I thought it was more interesting and beautiful to have a plant than some flowers that would die quickly.My friends from childhood were numerous, I prefered talking to boys, it's difficult when you're taller than a whole school class to have some female friends..I used to spend time with boys, I played Tennis and Football, now I can't watch anymore a football game, because I find this sport very stupid.
So my friend William, helped me and brought the rose bush, my mother was shocked and later I heard how much I was stupid, a rose bush couldn't grow up on a balcony...
Another year, my father asked me to buy 2 decorate plates for her birthday ...I went in Aix, alone, of course, and he had to drive me back at home, I just had to call him at work. And I had to wait his car around the Rotonde Fountain, I was 12 years old, I bought the plates, I felt glad for my mother, I took my money in my wallet offered by my grand father.
I went to a phone cab, and I called him, he told me he'll come later, because he had a lot of work.
I realized after few minutes that I have forgotten my wallet in the cab, I returned there but there were 2 girls laughing watching me because of my big teeth, I asked them if they had find my wallet, they said "No!" .
I didn't care of the money, but about my wallet because the one man who really loved me offered me a lot of presents anytime I met him and these gifts were really precious me...
Then I joined my father later, hopefully a man in a shop gave me a water bottle, because I was thirsty, and my mother received her present, anyway she didn't mind about things I did choose (remind the rose bush !).