Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm still here !

Well mates, I hope everything is ok to you, life is difficult for everyone, but we have to live.
I have to tell you my news:
Last year was a fucking year of fucking bullshit news. I have met again my fucking homosexual daddy, wow, his wife looks like an old witch, red hair, wanna seem pleasant but she's a fucking psychopath bitch... He looks like an old homosexual man, I would say a metrosexual man who has never understood that there is a way to be, you can be bisexual, straight, or homosexual, but don't say you're straight if you don't think you are.
Well lets go, after a meeting with him, his cell phone (and his bitchwife on phone with a male voice) I have been on the Felicitas Villa ! ;-) Felicitas my ass !
They drink all day long, he smokes all day long. He does live with an homosexual and alcoholic man too...a funny life. He thinks he's a prof painter, ask him to draw your face, he won't do it. He doesn't know how to paint, because he uses things to copy pictures he can see on a wall. They are uninteresting. They are harmful.
I have met too an Australian guy, from FB, we have spents 5 days in Paris, it was deep.
Well I know there are some connections between the fact Fraser doesn't want to belong to me and the fact that I have stopped to see my Daddy, sweet daddy.
Fraser was not the right one. So no problem.

So I haven't been loved when I was born, by mother and father, first mother didn't love me and let me down. Then she abused me with food, and I used to spend the time on a chair, because she didn't want I could move, walk or anything else. She was scared I could fall on the floor, she was scared about my health because she has lost her brother at birth.
When I told my father about the nightmare I had, he didn't want to listen. He didn't mind, and didn't want to talk.
Such a bastard.

Well I don't want to hear about them anymore.

I'm sorry for this bad post, Hello Daddy ;-)