Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lot of things have changed these last weeks. I mean I've changed but I still being angry.
I have read a weird Psychology book, it was very hurting but I've learnt a lot of things, I ignored.

I still missing my sweet tate, she was a wise and sweet dog, I can't forget her.

I miss my blog's pals too much, I haven't written for weeks, and I miss Karen, Michelle, Will, Geoffrey, Terence, Malcom, et cetera.

I have twisted my foot as ever, a fucking pain, coming back in a bus from mall.
My left foot looks like a football balloon now. In french we say often about someone who is annoying us "he's breaking my ass", but we talk about feet, so it would be "he's breaking my feet", I feel that my past is breaking my ass, and my foot shows as much it's hurting.
I can't wear dresses anymore, I can't go out, I just have to deal with Clint's whims and Laurent's naps. My life is funny....


Karen ^..^ said...

I'm sorry. :(

I've been neglectful.

I've not been on facebook in a long time, I have been too busy packing, and trying to find a solution to my problems.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much.

Forgive me?

Fran said...

What should I forgive you ?nothing Karen, you have problems enough and I understand why you're silencious. You're my friend and I won't forget you.
Take Care of you